Computer Science 432/563
Operating Systems

Spring 2016, The College of Saint Rose

Course Schedule

"SG&G" indicates readings from Operating Systems Concepts Essentials, 2nd Edition, by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne. Additional readings will be given occasionally. Links will be added here to an outline for each lecture, the full text of each lab assignment, PDFs of my notes for each topic, and to copies of additional readings when available electronically. Note: all assignment and exam dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual lab assignment or exam is handed out in class.


Topic and/or Event Readings
January 20 Lecture 0x00: Introduction and Overview; Lab 1: C and Unix Refresher SG&G 1, SG&G 2; Topic Notes: Introduction and Overview
January 25 Lecture 0x01: Historical Development; Other Preliminaries
January 27 Lecture 0x02: Processes; Lab 2: Programming Unix Processes and Threads in C SG&G 3; Topic Notes: Processes and Threads
February 1 Lecture 0x03: Interprocess Communication; Threads; Programming Project 1: Processes and Threads SG&G 4
February 3 Lecture 0x04: Threads Wrapup; CPU Scheduling Introduction SG&G 6; Topic Notes: CPU Scheduling
February 8 Lecture 0x05: CPU Scheduling
February 10 Lecture 0x06: More Advanced CPU Scheduling; Programming Project 2: CPU Scheduling Simulator
February 15 Lecture 0x07: CPU Scheduling Wrapup; Critical Sections Topic Notes: Process Synchronization; SG&G 5.1-5.4
February 17 Lecture 0x08: Critical Sections; Synchronization Hardware
February 22 Lecture 0x09: Semaphores; Synchronization Problems; Lab 3: Concurrency SG&G 5.5-5.6
February 24 Lecture 0x0a: Synchronization Problems SG&G 5.7
February 29 Lecture 0x0b: Shell Project Introduction; Monitors; Lab 4: Unix Systems Programming; Programming Project 3: knish: The Knight Shell
March 2 Lecture 0x0c: Deadlock; Term Project Out SG&G 5.11; Topic Notes: Deadlock
March 7 & 9 No Class: Spring Break
March 14 Lecture 0x0d: Midterm Exam Out (due March 16)
March 16 Lecture 0x0e: Memory Management Introduction SG&G 7; Topic Notes: Memory
March 21 Lecture 0x0f: Paging
March 23 Lecture 0x10: Demand Paging; Virtual Memory; Lab 5: Working Set Simulation SG&G 8
March 28 No Class: Easter Break
March 30 Lecture 0x11: Virtual Memory
April 4 Lecture 0x12: Memory Management Wrapup
April 6 Lecture 0x13: Persistent Storage Topic Notes: File Systems; SG&G 9, SG&G 10
April 11 Lecture 0x14: Class Cancelled; Lab 6: File Systems
April 13 Lecture 0x15: File Systems SG&G 11
April 18 Lecture 0x16: File Systems SG&G 12
April 20 Lecture 0x17: I/O; Memory Hierarchy; Lab 7: Security Topic Notes: Input/Output; Topic Notes: Memory Hierarchy
April 25 Lecture 0x18: Architecture Crash Course Part 1: Digital Logic; Protection and Security; Encryption SG&G 13, SG&G 14; Topic Notes: Protection and Security; Crash Course Notes: Digital Logic
April 27 Lecture 0x19: Architecture Crash Course Part 2: Sequential Circuits Crash Course Notes: Sequential Circuits
May 2 Lecture 0x1a: Architecture Crash Course Part 3: Building Memory; Final Exam Out Crash Course Notes: Building Memory
May 4 Lecture 0x1b: Datapath and Control; Course Evaluations; Final Exam Due Topic Notes: Distributed Systems
May 10 Term Project Presentations, 10:45-1:15

Acknowledgements: Lecture notes include material from