Course Schedule

"T" indicates readings from Tanenbaum. Additional readings will be given occasionally. Links will be added here with additional information about lectures and assignments. All assignment dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual assignment is handed out in class.

Date Topic and/or Event Readings
Sept. 5 Introduction, Overview, and a Brief History, Homework 1 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF solutions] T1.1-1.5,1.7
Sept. 10 Processes T2.1
Sept. 12 CPU Scheduling 1, Project 1 Out [HTML] [PDF] T2.5
Sept. 17 CPU Scheduling 2, Homework 2 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF Solutions] -
Sept. 19 Threads, Cooperating Processes T2.2,T2.3
Sept. 24 Critical Sections, Project 1 Code Due, Homework 3 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF Solutions] T2.4
Sept. 26 Semaphores, Project 1 Writeup Due -
Oct. 1 Dining Philosophers, Unix Systems Programming, Project 2 Out [HTML] [PDF] T1.6
Oct. 3 Unix Systems Programming, Sleeping Barber, Monitors, Homework 4 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF Solutions] -
Oct. 8 Deadlock T3
Oct. 10 Memory Management 1, Homework 5 Out [HTML] [PDF] T4
Oct. 15 Fall Reading Period. No class. -
Oct. 17 Memory Management 2: Paging, Project 2 Due, Term Project Out [HTML] [PDF] -
Oct. 22 Review for Midterm -
Oct. 24 Memory Management 3: Page Replacement, Homework 6 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF Solutions] -
Oct. 29 Segmentation, Input/Output, Term Project Proposals Due T5
Oct. 31 More I/O, Disks and Disk Scheduling -
Nov. 5 File Systems 1, Homework 7 Out [HTML] [PDF] [PDF Solutions] T6
Nov. 7 File Systems 2 T10.6, T11.7
Nov. 12 RAID, Hierarchical Storage, Protection and Security T9
Nov. 14 Security, Encryption, Homework 8 Out [HTML] [PDF] -
Nov. 19 Multiprocessing T8
Nov. 21 Distributed File Systems, Homework 9 Out [HTML] [PDF] -
Nov. 26 Current and Future OS Issues, Course Evaluations -
Nov. 28 Happy Thanksgiving! No class. -
Dec. 3 In-class presentations for Term Projects -
Dec. 5 In-class presentations for Term Projects, Term Project Writeups due Dec. 6 -
Dec. TBA Final Exam Review -
Dec. 7-15 Final Exam (take-home) -

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