Computer Science 112
The Art & Science of Computer Graphics

Spring 2016, The College of Saint Rose

Course Schedule

Additional readings may be given occasionally. Links will be added here with additional information about lectures, labs, and projects. All assignment and exam dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual assignment is handed out in class.


Topic and/or Event Readings
January 20 Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview Topic Notes: Introduction; Topic Notes: Computer Structures
January 25 Lecture 2: Elementary Modeling; Studio/Lab 1: Setting Up Your Wiki Page Topic Notes: Basic Modeling
January 27 Lecture 3: Basic Modeling
February 1 Lecture 4: Basic Modeling; Studio/Lab 2: A Simple Model
February 3 Lecture 5: Modeling Practice
February 8 Lecture 6: Model Building; Constructive Solid Geometry: Groups; Studio/Lab 3: Names and Groups Topic Notes: Model Building; Topic Notes: Constructive Solid Geometry
February 10 Lecture 7: Constructive Solid Geometry: Differences and Intersections
February 15 Lecture 8: Custom Objects; Studio/Lab 4: Working with Custom Objects Topic Notes: Custom Objects
February 17 Lecture 9: Custom Objects
February 22 Lecture 10: Color Models and Materials Topic Notes: Colors and Materials
February 24 Lecture 11: Color Models and Materials
February 29 Lecture 12: More Materials; Studio/Lab 5: Marbles; Studio/Lab 6: Modeling with Realistic Materials
March 2 Lecture 13: Lenses; Lighting Topic Notes: Lighting
March 7 & 9 No Class: Spring Break!
March 14 Lecture 14: Surface Images; Review Topic Notes: Basics of Surface Images
March 16 Exam 1 (available starting 8:15 AM, and after class)
March 21 Lecture 15: Cameras; Studio/Lab 7: Surprise! Topic Notes: Cameras
March 23 Lecture 16: Bézier Curves Topic Notes: Bézier Curves
March 28 No Class: Easter Break!
March 30 Lecture 17: Introduction to Programming; Studio/Lab 8: Stained Glass Window Topic Notes: Introduction to Programming
April 4 Lecture 18: Programmed Replication; Studio/Lab 9: Shared Models; Final Project Out
April 6 Lecture 19: Random Numbers; More Replication; Studio/Lab 10: Programmed Replication Topic Notes: Random Numbers
April 11 Lecture 20: Class Cancelled
April 13 Lecture 21: Randomization Wrapup
April 18 Lecture 22: Python Functions Topic Notes: Functions
April 20 Lecture 23: Animation Introduction; Last Day for Final Project Discussions Topic Notes: Animation
April 22 Final Project Proposals Due
April 25 Lecture 24: More Animation; Studio/Lab 11: Animation
April 26 Optional Exam 2 Review, 5:00-6:00, Albertus 303
April 27 Exam 2
May 2 Lecture 25: Advanced Animation
May 4 Lecture 26: Course Wrapup; Course Evaluations
May 6 Final Project Showcase, 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon, Science Center 469A