Computer Science 180
Web Design

Fall 2011, Siena College

Course Schedule

Links will be added here with additional information about lectures, labs, and other assignments. All assignment dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual assignment is handed out in class.


Topic and/or Event Notes/Readings/Links
Sept. 7 Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview Topic Notes: Introduction and Overview; Wikipedia Article "World Wide Web"; World Wide Web Consortium; Wikipedia Article "Web design"
Sept. 9 Lecture 2: HTML Basics Topic Notes: Basic HTML; Wikipedia Article "Markup language"; Wikipedia Article "HTML element"
Sept. 12 Lab 1: Basic HTML
Sept. 14 Lecture 3: HTML Tables Topic Notes: HTML Tables; HTML Tags reference at
Sept. 16 Lecture 4: More HTML Elements Topic Notes: More HTML Elements
Sept. 19 Lab 2: Tables
Sept. 21 Lecture 5: Styles Topic Notes: Style Attributes; CSS Properties from Web Design Group
Sept. 23 Lecture 6: More Styles; CSS Topic Notes: Cascading Style Sheets; CSS at; Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1 (CSS 2.1) Specification at W3C
Sept. 26 Lab 3: Styles
Sept. 28 Lecture 7: Networks Topic Notes: Networks
Sept. 30 Lecture 8: Networks
Oct. 3 Lab 4: XHTML, Validation, and More Styles
Oct. 5 Lecture 9: Web Servers
Oct. 7 Lecture 10: Exam 1 Review; Web Server Wrapup
Oct. 10 Exam 1 (during lab time)
Oct. 12 Lecture 11: Guest Lecture: Siena's Web Site
Oct. 14 No class: Siena President's Holiday
Oct. 17 Lab 5: Graphic Design Tools
Oct. 19 Lecture 12: HTML Form Elements Topic Notes: HTML Form Elements
Oct. 21 Lecture 13: Introduction to JavaScript Topic Notes: JavaScript; JavaScript at; Wikipedia Article "JavaScript"
Oct. 24 Lab 6: Working with Forms and JavaScript
Oct. 26 Lecture 14: More JavaScript
Oct. 28 Lecture 15: JavaScript-based Form Processing
Oct. 31 Lab 7: JavaScript Programming
Nov. 2 Lecture 16: More JavaScript Form Processing; Validation Topic Notes: JavaScript Form Validation
Nov. 4 Lecture 17: More JavaScript Form Validation RegExp at
Nov. 7 Lab 8: JavaScript Form Validation; Design Project Out
Nov. 9 Lecture 18: Web Search Topic Notes: Web Search; Search Engine History by Aaron Wall; Wikipedia Article "Web search engine"; Wikipedia Article "PageRank"
Nov. 11 Lecture 19: More Web Search; Image Search; Design Project groups must be formed Google Search by Image
Nov. 14 Lab 9: Working with the Google Maps API; Design Project proposals due
Nov. 16 Lecture 20: Web Security Topic Notes: Web Security
Nov. 18 Lecture 21: Exam Review; Design Project grading contracts must be set
Nov. 21 Exam 2 (during lab time)
Nov. 23 No class: Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 25 No class: Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 28 No New Lab: Work on Design Projects during meeting
Nov. 30 Lecture 22: Server Side Includes; HTTP Cookies Topic Notes: Server Side Includes; Apache Tutorial: Introduction to Server Side Includes; Wikipedia Article "HTTP cookie"
Dec. 2 Lecture 23: Encryption and Secure HTTP; Design Project progress reports due Wikipedia Article "Public-key Cryptography; Wikipedia Article "HTTP Secure"; BizTech Article "HTTP vs. HTTPS";
Dec. 5 Lab 10: Slideshow
Dec. 7 Lecture 24: Online Advertising; Query Strings Topic Notes: Web Advertising; Introduction to Computational Advertising course at Stanford; Wikipedia article: "Web Banner"; Wikipedia Article "Online Advertising"; Article from Communications of the ACM: "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" by David Essex, May 2009, p. 16-17; Google AdSense Product Tour; Google's Intro to AdWords;
Dec. 9 Lecture 25: Web Ads Wrapup; Query Strings; Course Wrapup Topic Notes: Query Strings
Dec. 12 Design project presentations (during lab time); Design Project final submissions due
Dec. 15 Final Exam, 11 AM - 1 PM, RB 302