Course Schedule

"P&H" indicates readings from Patterson and Hennessy. Additional readings will be given occasionally. Links will be added here with additional information about lectures, labs, and other assignments. All dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline.


Topic and/or Event Readings
Sept. 10 Introduction and Overview; Bits and Numbers Review P&H Ch. 1; Topic Notes: Introduction and Overview; Topic Notes: Bits and Numbers
Sept. 15 Digital Logic Intro/Review P&H App. C.1-C.3; Topic Notes: Digital Logic
Sept. 18 Digital Logic and Basic TTL Circuits; Lab 1: TTL Circuit Introduction -
Sept. 22 More Advanced Combinational Circuits -
Sept. 25 Adders; Lab 2: Sequential Circuits P&H App. C.5-C.6
Sept. 29 No Class: Mountain Day
Oct. 2 Sequential Circuits P&H App. C.7-C.8; Topic Notes: Sequential Circuits
Oct. 6 Counters; Memory; Lab 3: Memory with TTL P&H App. C.9; Topic Notes: Memory
Oct. 9 Building Larger Memory -
Oct. 13 No Class: Columbus Day Break
Oct. 14 Memory Parity and Error Correction; Digital Logic Review -
Oct. 20 C and Unix Overview; Exam 1 Out Topic Notes: C and Unix Overview
Oct. 23 More C and Unix; Lab 4: C and Unix Practice
Oct. 27 More C and Unix
Oct. 30 MIPS ISA Overview; Lab 5: Decoding MIPS Instructions P&H Ch. 2.1-2.10; Topic Notes: MIPS ISA
Nov. 3 MIPS Programming Topic Notes: MIPS Programming
Nov. 6 MIPS Single Cycle Implementation P&H Ch. 4.1-4.6; Topic Notes: Data Paths and Control
Nov. 10 More MIPS Implementation; Lab 6: MIPS Single Cycle Simulation; Term Project Handout -
Nov. 13 Pipelining P&H Ch. 4.7-4.8; Topic Notes: Pipelines
Nov. 17 Pipeline Implementation and Hazards -
Nov. 20 Pipelined Control
Nov. 24 Modern Architecture Theme: Parallelism P&H Ch. 4.10; Topic Notes: Modern Architecture Theme: Parallelism
Nov. 27 No Class: Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec. 1 Subroutines in Assembly; RISC vs. CISC Topic Notes: ISAs
Dec. 4 Other ISAs: x86, Sparc, m68k, etc.; x86 Programming P&H Ch. 2.17
Dec. 8 Parallelism: Multicores and Multiprocessors; Exam 2 Out P&H Ch. 7.1-7.3
Dec. 11 Course Evaluations; Multiprocessors and Clusters; Cache; Exam 2 Due P&H Ch. 5; Topic Notes: Memory Hierarchy
Dec. 15 Programming Parallel Computers Topic Notes: Programming Parallel Computers
Dec. 18 Final Project Presentations -
Dec. 21 Final Projects Due -