Course Schedule

Links will be added here with additional information about lectures, labs, and other assignments. All assignment and exam dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual assignment is handed out in class or the exam takes place.


Topic and/or Event Readings
January 27 Introduction and Overview Topic Notes: Introduction
January 29 Studio/Lab 1: Introduction and Setup
February 1 Elementary Modeling Topic Notes: Basic Modeling
February 3 Objects and Groups
February 5 Studio/Lab 2: A Simple Model
February 8 More Groups; Defining Custom Objects Topic Notes: Defining Custom Objects
February 10 Defining Custom Objects
February 12 Studio/Lab 3: Working with Custom Objects
February 15 Extruded Objects, Color Models Topic Notes: Colors and Materials
February 17 Materials
February 19 Studio/Lab 4: Modeling with Realistic Materials
February 21 More Materials: Refraction and Surface Images
February 23 No Class SIAM PP10 Conference
February 25 Studio/Lab 4 continues: Modeling with Realistic Materials
March 1 Lighting and Cameras Topic Notes: Lighting; Topic Notes: Cameras
March 3 Review
March 5 Studio/Lab 5: Surprise!
March 8 Exam 1 (during class)
March 10 Programming Basics Topic Notes: Programming
March 12 Wrap up Studio/Lab 5: Surprise!
March 15-19 Spring Break!
March 22 More Programming
March 24 Programming Replication
March 26 Studio/Lab 6: Replication
March 29 More Programming Examples; Final Project Out
March 31 Bezier Curves Topic Notes: Animation
April 2 Studio/Lab 7: Bezier Curves
April 5 Basic Animation
April 7 More Animation
April 9 Studio/Lab 8: Animation (No formal lab meeting)
April 12 Advanced Animation
April 14 Advanced Animation
April 16 Studio/Lab: Continue Animation, Start Final Project (No formal lab meeting)
April 19 Advanced Programming; Patch Meshes Topic Notes: Patch Meshes
April 21 Lofting; Atmospherics Topic Notes: Advanced Mead Functionality
April 23 Studio/Lab: Work on Final Project
April 26 Review
April 28 Exam 2 (during class)
April 30 Studio/Lab: Work on Final Project
May 3 Randomization in Animation
May 5 Screening; Course Evaluations
May 7 Final Project Showcase, 2:00 PM, Kendade 307