Computer Science 220
Assembly Language & Computer Architecture

Fall 2010, Siena College

Lecture 01: Introduction and Overview; Bits and Numbers
Date: Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Lecture Assignment 01

Due at the start of class, Thursday, September 9.

Please submit answers to these questions either as a hard copy (typeset or handwritten are OK) or by email to jteresco AT by the start of class. We will discuss these questions at the start of class, so no late submissions are accepted.

  1. Today's class mentioned 5 major levels of abstraction. Briefly describe your level of knowledge of each level. For example, if you have done some assembly language programming, indicate the assembly language you used and how much programming you did in that language.

Also, read over COD Chapter 1. It contains a lot of background information, much of which we will not cover during class, but which is interesting, useful, and relevant.


Class examples will be listed in this section of each lecture's notes, and can be found in ~jteresco/shared/cs220 on the SoS systems.