Computer Science 120
Introduction to Programming

Spring 2012, Siena College

UglyDragABall Demo

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UglyDragABall BlueJ Project

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UglyDragABall Source Code

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import objectdraw.*;
import java.awt.*;

 * Example UglyDragABall
 * Simple example to demonstrate dragging of a graphical object
 * but not in a very nice fashion
 * Jim Teresco, Siena College, CSIS 120, Spring 2011
 * $Id: 1516 2011-01-31 21:08:19Z terescoj $

public class UglyDragABall extends WindowController {

    // named constants for the size and initial location of the ball
    private static final int BALL_DIAMETER = 50;
    private static final Location BALL_START = new Location(100, 100);

    // a ball
    private FilledOval ball;

    // Is the ball currently being dragged around the screen?
    private boolean ballGrabbed;

    // place the ball on the canvas to start
    public void begin() {

        ball = new FilledOval(BALL_START,
                              BALL_DIAMETER, BALL_DIAMETER,
    // check if the mouse is pressed on the ball -- if so, set up for
    // dragging
    public void onMousePress(Location point) {
        if (ball.contains(point)) {
            // note that we've grabbed the ball and remember this point
            ballGrabbed = true;
        else {
            ballGrabbed = false;
    // complete the drag to the release point, stop the dragging
    public void onMouseRelease(Location point) {
        if (ballGrabbed) {
            ballGrabbed = false;

    // if we are dragging, move the ball to follow the mouse,
    // update lastMouse location
    public void onMouseDrag(Location point) {
        if (ballGrabbed) {