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Load Data:
Use this panel to load one of METAL's graphs right from METAL's database (Options 1 and 2),
or upload any data file in a format recognized by HDX from your computer (Option 3).
Option 1: Search for a METAL collapsed graph by name.
Start typing in the box below for suggestions.
Once you have selected a graph from the list of suggestions, press Enter to load it.
Option 2: Search for a METAL graph by characteristics.
Select desired graph characteristics then press "Get Graph List" to see matching graphs.
Sort criteria:
Graph format:
Graph category:
Size from to vertices
Option 3:Select and upload a data file from your computer.
Algorithm Visualization Selection and Options

To perform an algorithm visualization on the data currently displayed, choose an algorithm and the options you would like to use, then press "Done".
To explore the data on the map manually with no algorithm visualization, choose the "No Algorithm Visualization" option.

Select an Algorithm to Visualize:
Algorithm Visualization Status
Using METAL's Highway Data Examiner (HDX)
Maps/Graphs AV Control Panel AV Status Panel Code/Breakpoints Credits
HDX's user interface is intended to be self-explanatory, but some of its features might not be obvious. Select among the tabs above to learn how to get the most out of METAL and HDX. This panel will close automatically after data is loaded into HDX using the panel to the left.
What's New?
The 2019 Summer Scholars project at Siena College added new algorithms (Kruskal's algorithm, a recursive depth-first traversal, a vertex degree search) new options and features in existing algorithms, support for conditional breakpoints, plus many user interface improvements and general bug fixes. Enjoy!