Computer Science 507
Software Engineering

Spring 2014, The College of Saint Rose

Lecture 1: Introduction and Overview
Date: Monday, January 13, 2014


Lecture 1 Assignment

Due at the start of class, Monday, January 27.

Please submit answers to these questions in Submission Box under "LA1" by the start of our next class. We will discuss these questions at the start of class, so no late submissions are accepted. Please be sure that your name is clearly indicated in all submissions.

The readings for next class are Sommerville Chapters 1, 2, and 4 and the Brooks paper linked below. Also see the Chapter 1, 2, and 4 presentations on the text's site.

Note: this is a much larger than usual reading assignment and set of questions to answer, since you have two weeks and the design project isn't really underway yet. Covering more chapters now will mean fewer readings and assignments later while you need to be focused on your projects.

  1. Sommerville Exercise 1.1, p. 25. (3 points)
  2. Sommerville Exercise 1.2, p. 25. (4 points)
  3. Sommerville Exercise 1.7, p. 25. (3 points)
  4. Sommerville Exercise 2.1, p. 54. (4 points)
  5. Sommerville Exercise 2.2, p. 54. (4 points)
  6. Sommerville Exercise 2.7, p. 55. (4 points)
  7. Sommerville Exercise 4.2, p. 116. (4 points)
  8. Sommerville Exercise 4.7, p. 116. (4 points)
  9. The Brooks paper was written over 25 years ago. Discuss which parts of the article you believe are still relevant today, and what in the article has been shown not to be true over the years. Include your thoughts on each of the items listed in the "Hopes for the Silver" section. (10 points)