Computer Science 507
Software Engineering

Spring 2014, The College of Saint Rose

Lab 2: Requirements Gathering
Due: 6:00 PM, Monday, February 3, 2014

In this lab, you will have a chance to practice requirements gathering. This same process is the first phase of your design projects. Your instructor will act as as a client.

This is essentially a whole-class task, but you should form into small groups (of 1 to 5) to gather information and to prepare the documents for submission.

The Case Studies

We will have two case studies for this lab (and we'll likely see these same ones in future labs as well). As you know, we had time only for the first, so you can ignore the second for now.

Snowsports School

The client for the first case study is the director of a snowsports school at a small ski area. This client has interest in implementing a system to help manage ski and snowboard lessons. He has some technical understanding but is not a programmer. He has an idea of what he wants in his mind, but it might be difficult to extract the details of the idea. Some of what he has in mind might or might not be technically feasible. The role of client in this case will be played by your instructor.

Graph Algorithm Visualization

The client for the second case study is a Computer Science professor who would like to help students understand graph algorithms using highway data and the Google Maps API. This client is an experienced programmer and has a good idea of what he wants and knows that it is technically possible. The role of client in this case will also be played by your instructor.

Client Meetings Requirements Documents

The first task in your design project is requirements gathering. You will do the same thing for these case studies (though the documents can be a bit less polished for the lab). Please see the "Client Meetings and Requirements Documents" section of the design project description for more information.

Our "client meetings" for these case studies will take place during class. Since it is not feasible to have each of you "meet" separately with the client, we will take time for all of you to ask questions as a class, then each group or individual will prepare the requirements documents.


Before 6:00 PM, Monday, February 3, 2014, submit your lab for grading. Package up all required files into an appropriate archive format (.tar.gz, .zip, and .7z are acceptable) and upload a copy of the using Submission Box under assignment "Requirements".


This lab is worth 20 points. Since we only had time for the first case study, so your documents need only address that one.