Course Schedule

Links will be added here with additional information about each tutorial assignment. All assignment dates are subject to change, and are provided only as a general guideline until the actual assignment is handed out.

Meeting Dates Topic and/or Events
Feb. 2 Organizational Meeting, 8:30 PM, TCL 206. Tutorial Assignment 1: Introduction to Parallel Programming and the Williams CS Clusters
Feb. 7-8 Tutorial Assignment 2: Finding Palindromic Words with POSIX Threads
Feb. 14-15 Tutorial Assignment 3: Multithreaded Matrix-Matrix Multiplication, Lab meeting 9 AM Feb. 16
Feb. 21-22 Tutorial Assignment 4: Jacobi Iteration with OpenMP
Feb. 28-Mar. 1 Tutorial Assignment 5: More MPI
Mar. 7-8 Tutorial Assignment 6: Jacobi on a Quadtree
Mar. 14-15 Tutorial Assignment 7: Jacobi on a Distributed Quadtree, Final project assigned
Spring Break
Apr. 4-5 Special event: Class of 60s Talks by Chris Johnson 4/3, Tutorial Assignment 8: Partitioning and Dynamic Load Balancing
Apr. 11-12 Final project proposals due 4/14, Tutorial Assignment 9: Parallel Architectures
Apr. 18-19 Tutorial Assignment 10: Parallel Sorting
Apr. 25-26 Final project progress reports due 4/24, Tutorial Assignment 11: Grid Computing
May 2-3 Final project papers (complete drafts) due 5/5, Tutorial Assignment 12: Resource-Aware Parallel Computation
May 9-10 Work on final projects...
May 15-16 Minisymposium 5/15, Final project due 5/16
May TBA Final Exam (take home)