Williams College

Computer Science 338 - Fall 2000

Parallel Processing

Instructor: Jim Teresco
Email: terescoj@cs.williams.edu
Office: TCL 304, 597-4251
Hours: Tuesday 2-4, Wednesday 9-11, by appointment.


The MPI installation is complete in the lab. To get mpicc and mpirun into your search path, execute source /usr/cs-local/bin/338 at your command prompt before compiling and running an MPI program.

Use gmake instead of make to make sure you get GNU make instead of some inferior make.

Our final exam has been scheduled by the registrar for Saturday, December 16 at 1:30 PM.

Course Information


Errata sheet for our textbook

make utility example: [Makefile][main.c][sub.h][sub.c]

Homework 1, due September 18 [HTML][Postscript]. Source code: [MPI], [pthreads] [Sample Solution]. Pthreads tutorial

Project 1, due September 26 [HTML][Postscript]. Sample program what_shared.c to help learn what data is shared by processes and threads. The output from other systems referred to in the related questions can be found here.

Homework 2, due September 21 [HTML][Postscript][Sample Solutions].

Homework 3, due September 28 [HTML][Postscript][Sample Solutions].

Homework 4, due October 5 [HTML][Postscript]. Starting code for question 2: [prodcons-sema.c][Sample Solutions].

Project 2, due October 13 and 24 [HTML][Postscript]. Watch the Project Information page for continuing updates and hints and suggestions.

October 19 was our field trip to Troy. We heard Jeffrey Nesheiwat defend his Ph.D. dissertation: Instrumentation Database Approach to the Performance Analysis of Parallel and Object Oriented Scientific Applications.

We had an exam on October 26. Here are some possible solutions.

Please print and read a chapter from my Ph.D. thesis which is relevant to the topics of November 7 and 9. A postscript file is here.

Homework 5, due November 16 [HTML][Postscript].

Homework 6, due November 30 [HTML][Postscript][Possible Solutions].

Term Project, draft due November 21, presentations December 5, final paper and project due December 7. [HTML][Postscript].

Our final exam is self-scheduled and will be available from the Registrar's office in Hopkins Hall from December 9 through December 17.

Information on Unix, the Williams CSLab, and More

Jim Teresco
Tue Sep 26 13:52:32 EDT 2000