Computer Science 330
Operating Systems

Fall 2022, Siena College

Lab 1: Unix Setup
Due: 11:59 PM, Friday, September 16, 2022

In this lab, you will gain experience using your Unix accounts for this class. This is an individual lab, but you should feel free to ask for help and be willing to offer help to classmates.

Learning goals:

  1. To ensure that everyone's Unix accounts are set up properly, and that you are prepared to be able to run C programs and access GitHub repositories from those accounts.

Getting Set Up

The link to create your GitHub repository for this lab is in Canvas.

Please put your name in the of the repository before continuing.

C and GitHub on FreeBSD

Log into using ssh and complete these tasks. You might need to ask questions. You might need to create a GitHub Personal Access Token. This assumes you remember how to run C programs in Unix.

Linux VM Configuration

Next, you will do some configuration of the Linux virtual machine (VM) that has been created for you on the College's OpenNebula server.

Your VM has a public name (your last name followed by, so Joe Cool's would be but this name maps to an IP address that is private to Siena's network. You will only be able to connect to your VM from on-campus computers (or other VMs, like VMWare Horizon via

Before you start, you will need your VM's name as described above, the username and password for the initial account that was created on your VM, and the root password for your VM.

Each of your VMs should be configured with the Debian 9 Linux distirbution, and has access to 1 GB of main memory and 2 GB of disk storage.

Please complete the steps below to configure your VM.

C and GitHub on your Linux VM

Log into your VM with the account you created for yourself using ssh and complete these tasks.


If you did all of the commiting and pushing, you're already done. Make an Issue in your repository on GitHub tagging me (@jteresco) in the text of the Issue to let me know you're done.


This assignment will be graded out of 40 points.


Value Score
C and GitHub on FreeBSD 15
Linux VM Configuration 10
C and GitHub on Linux VM 15
Total 40