Lab 10 - How many millimeters in a furlong?
Due: Monday, December 6, 2004 at 9:00 AM

Short Answers

Complete the following problems from the book and turn them in as a text file lab10.txt at the start of lab.

15.2, 15.4, 15.10, 15.20

Lab Program

Do the laboratory in Section 15.6 in the book.

Try to emulate the behavior of units as closely as you can.

What to Turn In

Turn in a tar file lab10.tar containing your source file and a file README.lab10 with the answers to the following thought questions.

1 and 2.
Do the thought questions at the end of the lab.
The units program reads its database of units from a file. Where is that file? (Hint: man units) It includes prefixes like kilo- and milli-. (Have you ordered a zettabyte hard disk yet?) How might you include support for these prefixes in your implementation?
Did you choose a list representation or an adjacency matrix representation for your graph? What are the relative advantages and disadvantages for a graph such as the one you constructed?