Lab 7 - P.S. It's Just a Stack
Due: Monday, November 1, 2004 at 9:00 AM

Short Answers

Complete the following problems from the book and turn them in as a text file lab7.txt at the start of lab.

9.6, 9.10

Lab Program

Do the laboratory in Section 9.5 in the Bailey book.

Before lab, copy the starter files from here on our text's web page. Familiarize yourself with these three classes and make sure you understand how they work.

Come to lab with a handwritten sketch of the main class of your PostScript interpreter (where you will process the tokens being delivered to your interpreter by the provided iterator class).

A few things to consider as you implement this lab:

When you're finished, create and submit a tar file lab7.tar that includes the following:

You should not include the three files from the textbook's web page in your submitted tar file.