Lab 8 - Hex-a-Pawn
Due: Monday, November 8, 2004 at 9:00 AM

Short Answers

Complete the following problems from the book, and the extra questions below, and turn them in as a text file lab8.txt at the start of lab.

10.6, 10.12

Extra Questions:

  1. Under what circumstances would a get method as described in question 10.13 be more useful than the existing contains method? Write a get method for OrderedVector.
  2. The OrderedList implementation described in the text has methods that include the line
      Comparable cValue = (Comparable)value;

    Are these casts necessary? Do they restrict the usage of the structure in any way?

Lab Program

Do the laboratory in Section 11.11 in the Bailey book.

When you're finished, create and submit a tar file lab8.tar that includes the following: