Computer Science 112
The Art & Science of Computer Graphics

Fall 2015, The College of Saint Rose

Studio/Lab 7: Surprise!
Due: 11:59 PM, Friday, October 30, 2015

For this week's Studio/Lab exercise, you will be experimenting with new image and camera properties.

Please develop a new model that you will shoot using (at least) two camera settings. Try to generate an element of surprise when the viewer looks at your sequence of images. For example, you can choose a camera view that hides some of the complexity of your scene in the first image, which is then revealed in subsequent images. You might generate different views by changing the position, the center of interest, and angle. You should not change the scene between camera shots - only the camera settings.

Requirements and Guidelines


  1. Email a copy of the source code for your Ambrosia model (the Python file, which should always be saved with a .py extension) and your best image (which should always be saved in PNG format and using a .png extension) as attachments to terescoj AT Please include a meaningful subject line (something like "CSC 112 Studio/Lab 7 Submission"). Make sure your name is included in a comment in your model code, and that you have comments throughout the source code to make it easier to understand.
  2. Rename your best image to include your name, then upload it to the wiki. For example, if you generate an image of two views of a doll and your name is Carl Fredricksen, you might call your image "CarlFDollHouse.png".
  3. Add a section to your wiki page named "Surprise!" that includes a link to your image and a description of your model that generated the image.


This assignment is worth 25 points, which are distributed as follows:

> FeatureValueScore
Using at least 2 camera views 5
New objects developed for this lab 5
Appropriate image size and quality settings 1
Element of surprise in sequence of views 4
Code organization and style 2
Model documentation and formatting 2
Image(s) on wiki page 1
Model description on wiki page 4
Emailed source code (Python/Ambrosia model) 1
Total 25