Computer Science 112
The Art & Science of Computer Graphics

Fall 2015, The College of Saint Rose

Studio/Lab 6: Modeling with Realistic Materials
Due: 11:59 PM, Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In this Studio/Lab, you will gain further experience working with all of the techniques we have been studying recently by constructing a realistic model.

Getting Set Up

Create a new folder for your work on this Studio/Lab.

A Realistic Model

Use everything we have learned so far, with a particular focus on colors and materials, to develop one or more objects that look as realistic as possible. Develop at least two new materials for use in your model. Be sure to place your realistic object or objects in an appropriate setting when your generate your final images.

Be sure to continue to construct your model in a hierarchical fashion, grouping primitive objects into components that are, in turn, grouped into complete objects that you place into your scene. Define named constants that represent the sizes and positions of your objects as we saw in the key model and other examples.


  1. Email a copy of the source code for your Ambrosia model (the Python file, which should always be saved with a .py extension) and your best image (which should always be saved in PNG format and using a .png extension) as attachments to terescoj AT Please include a meaningful subject line (something like "CSC 112 Studio/Lab 6 Submission"). Make sure your name is included in a comment in your model code, and that you have comments throughout the source code to make it easier to understand.
  2. Rename your best image to include your name, then upload it to the wiki. For example, if you generate an image of a rusty tow truck and your name is Lightning McQueen, you might call your image "LightningMcQueenTruck.png".
  3. Add a section to your wiki page named "Modeling with Realistic Materials" that includes a link to your image and a description of your model that generated the image.


This assignment is worth 30 points, which are distributed as follows:

> FeatureValueScore
Using at least 2 custom materials 8
Realistic object or objects 8
Setting for realistic objects 5
Model documentation and formatting 2
Image(s) on wiki page 2
Model description on wiki page 4
Emailed source code (Python/Ambrosia model) 1
Total 30