Course Schedule

Given the short time we have available during the Winter Study period, the lectures and labs will move along very quickly. We'll try our best to stick to the schedule below. We meet for lectures and/or labs three times during each of the first three weeks. Also linked from this page, you will find notes for each lecture and the assignment for each lab. You can find any assigned readings on this page. You will be more or less on your own in terms of scheduling your time during the last week, leading up to final project demonstrations, which will take place on January 25. Please try to keep that entire day free to ensure we have time for everyone to demonstrate their robots.

Date Topic and/or Event Readings
Jan. 3 Lecture: Introduction and Overview, Lab: Soldering and Testing
Jan. 4 Lecture: Handy Boards, The Robot Base, Interactive C, Lab: The Robot Base
Jan. 5 Lecture: More on Interactive C, Lab: Programmed Maze Running, Lab: Bumpy and Blind Maze Running
Jan. 9 Brief Lecture: Installing Light Sensors, Lab: Line Following
Jan. 10 Brief Lecture: Servos and Sonar, Lab: GOTO and Smoother Maze Running
Jan. 11 No Lecture, Lab: Trashbot
Jan. 16 Guest Lecture: Rick Kline and Darren Lim, Lab: Final Design and Implementation Project
Jan. 17 No Lecture, Lab: Work on Sonar Labs
Jan. 18 Brief Lecture: Propose Final Projects, Lab: Trashbot Demonstrations
Jan. 23 Guest Lecture: Srinivas Akella, Lab: Work on Final Projects
Jan. 24 Lab: Work on Final Projects
Jan. 25 Lecture: Robotics Exposition Introduction, Lab: Robotics Exposition: Final Project Demonstrations
Jan. 26 No meeting - papers due by e-mail at 3:50 PM