CS010 Practice 1

Logging in, File system Basics, Editing Basics


You should spend an hour today familiarizing yourself with using the Unix command line, file system, and Emacs text editor.

  1. Log in and change your password. Remember the keys to a good password:
  2. Start Emacs.
  3. Create a .forward file by using the Open File command from the Files menu to create a file called .forward. In this file, type your Williams (non-CS) email address, ending with a carriage return. Save the file using Save Buffer from the Files menu. At your earliest convenience, send mail to your CS account to verify that forwarding is working correctly.
  4. Record your findings to the suggested exercises below in Emacs and save the results to a file.
  5. What files are in your home directory?
  6. What is the absolute pathname of your home directory?
  7. Use xman to find some interesting commands. For example,
  8. Create a directory. Copy one of your files into the directory. Now remove the directory. What commands did you need to do to accomplish all of these?
  9. Use Emacs info (M-x info) to find a command that will spell check the file you are creating. Now, run the spellchecker.

Bring comments and questions to class tomorrow.