CS 237 Lab 8 Circuits - Fall 2006

Lab 8 circuits by students in Computer Science 237 at Williams College, Fall 2006.

Greg and Toby. [Closer]

Noel and Arjun. [Closer]

Arjun and Noel with their circuit. [Closer]

Alex and Mac. [Closer]

Mac with his circuit. [Closer]

Dave and Eric. [Closer]

Kyle. [Closer]

Thai and Phyo. [Closer]

Eric and Bill. [Closer]

Eric and Bill. [Closer]

Bill. [Closer]

Carlos. [Closer]

Sean and Charles. [Closer]

Joshua and Omar. [Closer]

Omar. [Closer]

Matt and Jeff. [Closer]

Mike and Sandy. [Closer]

The whole group. [Closer]

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