Computer Science 134 - Spring 2005

Introduction to Computer Science

Williams College

Final Project: Minesweeper

For their final projects in Computer Science 134, our students implemented a Java version of the Minesweeper game, so familiar to Windows users.

The assignment: [PDF].

We provided the following working demo. Click inside the applet to interact with it. The left mouse button will expose an unexposed cell. The right button (or a ctrl-click) will mark/unmark a suspected mine. An additional left-click on an exposed cell with a number of marked neighbors equal to the number of neighboring mines will expose that cell's remaining unexposed neighbors.

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One of our students, Kelly Morgen '05, drew this picture while waiting in line for help during office hours:

Most students got all or most of the program working.

Jim Teresco
Tue May 31 12:18:25 EDT 2005