Computer Science 338
Parallel Processing

Williams College
Spring 2006

Tutorial Assignment 12: Resource-Aware Parallel Computing
Due: Before your tutorial meeting

For the final week's readings and tutorial discussions, we will look at my current research area: resource-aware parallel computing.


Complete drafts (perhaps minus a few results, but with all of the background material) of your final project papers are due May 5. Our minisymposium will take place on May 16.


As you do this week's readings, keep an outline of important points and points you wish to discuss during our tutorial meetings in a plain text file tut12.txt or something that can be turned into a PDF file tut12.pdf.

For specifics about one of my current research projects, please read the following manuscript.

You can find a PDF file of it in

I am having you read this in part because I think that the subject is interesting and relevant for a parallel processing course, but also because this is work in progress and I'd like your feedback. At this point, you are probably at least as qualified to judge the paper as the reviewers who will judge the paper when we complete it and submit it for publication. As you read the paper and write up your outline, don't just try to understand what was done and how, but be critical. Try to think like a reviewer who is deciding on the suitability of the paper for publication. I'd like to know how well the work is motivated, how well the system is described, and how well the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the system. The work has strengths and weaknesses, including quite a few that we (the authors) probably haven't thought about. I hope that your feedback will lead to a much stronger paper. Maybe the ideas that come up in this week's meetings will lead to improvements in the current work and suggest directions for related projects going forward.

Submission and Grading Guidelines

Before your tutorial meeting, submit a plain text file tut12.txt or a PDF file tut12.pdf that contains the outline that you will use to help guide our discussion. You may choose to work with your tutorial partner(s) or independently on this outline. Your grade for the week will be based on the quality of this outline.