Computer Science 338
Parallel Processing

Williams College
Spring 2006

Tutorial Assignment 9: Parallel Architectures
Due: Before your tutorial meeting

This week we look at a variety of current and historic parallel architectures. As you read, think about how we might program them.


Your groups for the final project should now be formed. Your full proposals are due Friday, April 14.


As you do this week's readings, keep an outline of important points and points you wish to discuss during our tutorial meetings in a plain text file tut09.txt or something that can be turned into a PDF file tut09.pdf.

In addition to the text below and the web pages linked below, please read:

Historical Systems

ASCI-class supercomputers: Teraflop Computing

Mid-late 1990's - the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI) program from the Department of Energy program made the push for a teraflop system.

Turn-of-the-Millennium Era Systems

Issues for Cluster-based Systems

Today's Best

Check out the most recent Top 500 Supercomputers released in late 2005. In particular, look at the architectures of the top 10.

But what exists "inside the fence?" Certainly some government or military agencies have more powerful versions of these computers available, but not public.

Something Different

Submission and Grading Guidelines

Before your tutorial meeting, submit a plain text file tut09.txt or a PDF file tut09.pdf that contains the outline that you will use to help guide our discussion. You may choose to work with your tutorial partner(s) or independently on this outline. Your grade for the week will be based on the quality of this outline.