Computer Science 338
Parallel Processing

Williams College
Spring 2006

Tutorial Assignment 11: Grid Computing
Due: Before your tutorial meeting

For this week's readings and tutorial discussions, we will look at one current trend in parallel processing: grid computing.


Complete drafts (perhaps minus a few results, but with all of the background material) of your final project papers are due Friday, May 5.


As you do this week's readings, keep an outline of important points and points you wish to discuss during our tutorial meetings in a plain text file tut11.txt or something that can be turned into a PDF file tut11.pdf.

Please read the following papers. There are links to PDF files of these papers at

There is a good amount of reading here, so focus mainly on the ideas of Grid computing and the basics of the Grid infrastructure. Think about the scope of the Grid infrastructure, how you would program it, and what types of computations are most appropriate for these kinds of environments. I don't want you to be concerned about technical details of the Grid or Globus, just think about the ideas.

Submission and Grading Guidelines

Before your tutorial meeting, submit a plain text file tut11.txt or a PDF file tut11.pdf that contains the outline that you will use to help guide our discussion and your answer to the assigned question from the text. You may choose to work with your tutorial partner(s) or independently on this outline. Your grade for the week will be based on the quality of this outline.