Computer Science 252
Problem Solving with Java

Spring 2016, The College of Saint Rose

AudioClipDemo BlueJ Project

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AudioClipDemo Source Code

The Java source code for AudioClipDemo is below. Click on a file name to download it.

import objectdraw.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

 * Example AudioClipDemo: show how to play audio clips
 * Jim Teresco, The College of Saint Rose, CSC 252, Fall 2014
 * $Id: 2455 2014-10-14 16:17:33Z terescoj $

public class AudioClipDemo extends WindowController {

    private VisibleImage ella;
    // we can store a playable audio clip in an AudioClip object
    private AudioClip barkSound;
    public void begin() {
        ella = new VisibleImage(getImage("ella.jpg"), 10, 10, canvas);
        // we can convert an audio file to an AudioClip with getAudio
        barkSound = getAudio("dogbark4.wav");
    public void onMousePress(Location point) {
        if (ella.contains(point)) {
            // if we have a valid AudioClip, its play method can be used to play it