Computer Science 211
Data Structures

Mount Holyoke College
Fall 2009

Lecture 03: Vectors
Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Lecture Assignment

Note: even though we will meet for our fourth hour this Friday in Kendade 307 to start work on your lab assignment, there is a web page for Lecture 4 and it includes a lecture assignment due at the start of our regular meeting on Monday.

For your first lab assignment, you will implement a Java program to play the Silver Dollar Game described at the end of Chapter 3. Your initial task is to come to our meeting on Friday, September 18, with a written design of the program (handwritten or typeset are OK).

The document you bring to lab should include both a description of the representation and the operations on it. Coming up with your design, you should first decide on an internal representation of the coin strip. Make sure your representation supports all of the operations necessary, i.e., testing for a legal move, printing the board, testing for a win, moving pieces easily, etc. You should think about alternative designs and be able to justify your decisions. Once you have decided on a representation, write down the set of operations supported by your data structure. In other words, what are the public methods of CoinStrip, and what do they do?

This initial design will constitute a fraction of your grade on the lab assignment.