Computer Science 110
The Art & Science of Computer Graphics

Mount Holyoke College
Spring 2010

Lecture 13: Programming Replication
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lecture Assignment 13

Due at the start of class, Monday, March 29.

Please submit answers to these questions either as a hard copy (typeset or handwritten are OK) or by email to jteresco AT by the start of class. We will discuss these questions at the start of class, so no late submissions are accepted. Using the multiAdd function from the Doughnuts example, write Mead code that will add 50 red spheres, each of size 10x10x10, which are centered at (0,0,0), (10,10,10), (20,20,20), (30,30,30), ... All you need to do is to fill in the parameters to multiAdd below:

(object littleRedSphere Sphere
   (material redPlastic)
   (scale .1 .1 .1)