Computer Science 110
The Art & Science of Computer Graphics

Mount Holyoke College
Spring 2010

Studio/Lab 4: Modeling with Realistic Materials
Due: 11:59 PM, Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This lab involves two tasks. The first is due at the end of your lab meeting, while the second will continue through next week's lab meetings as we approach the first in-class exam.

A Marble

Before you leave your lab meeting, develop and submit a model of a marble. Come up with an appropriate material (or materials) for your marble and use it to create a spherical marble with diameter 100, centered at the origin.

Please make sure your name is included both in the name of the file you use and in the object names in your model. For example, if your name is Grace Hopper, you might name your marble object (the Group, Difference, etc., that defines your marble) GHopperMarble and your model file GHopperMarble.scm. Your marble should be the only thing added to the scene, and it must be added as a single object.

Submit your model by dragging it to the submit folder. I will construct a model that includes everyone's marbles, so be sure to use an appropriate name (not just "Marble"). Also add an image and a description of your marble to your wiki page. You may submit more than one marble for inclusion in the class marble collection, but if you do, please make it clear which one you would like to be graded.

Your marble submission is worth 5 lab points.

A Realistic Model

For this week and next, your main task is to develop a realistic model. Use everything we have learned, in particular colors and materials, to develop an object or objects that looks as realistic as possible. Develop at least two new materials for use in your model. Be sure to place your realistic object or objects in an appropriate setting when your generate your final images. You have plenty of time to work on this, so expectations are higher (and it is worth a bit more).

What To Submit

Submit your nicely-formatted and appropriately commented model file and the image it generates in a folder named with your last name and "Lab4". For example, I would submit a folder "TerescoLab4". When you have your model file and your generated image ready in that folder, you can drag it to the submit folder. Please do not drag the individual files to the submit folder - place them in a folder and drag that it. This will make it easier for me to gather and organize your submissions for grading.

Also, upload your image to the wiki, and add a new section ("Modeling with Realistic Materials") to your wiki page that includes the image and a brief description of your model (include both "artistic" information about what you're trying to model and technical information about how you convinced Mead to do it).


Your submitted model and image will be graded out of 30 points. Your grade will be based on how well the model meets the requirements, documentation, and presentation on your Wiki page. Documentation (comments) in your submitted Mead model should include your name and a brief description of the model at the top, and descriptions of sections of the model that might not be clear to someone trying to understand it.

Grading Breakdown

Using at least 2 custom materials 8 points
Realistic object or objects 8 points
Setting for realistic objects 5 points
Model documentation 4 points
Image on wiki page 2 points
Model description on wiki page 3 points